We are Part of the Solution

Close to the High Coast lies the biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker. We want to make a difference. We have a responsibility to the global resources and how they are used. Together with our owners Aditya Birla and our customers we can help drive development towards a sustainable bioeconomy that utilizes forest as the unique resource it is.


07 Mar 2017

New project

Fish feed from Domsjö Fabriker

03 Feb 2017

New Film

From sustainable forest to Domsjö products

17 Oct 2016


Investment opens new markets for lignin

23 Sep 2016

Royal Visit

His Majesty the King and the minister for Rural Affairs on a visit


Our Products

Medical Tablets
Green Chemicals

Cellulose Lignin Bioethanol

Who are we?

We are part of the Indian Aditya Birla, a company with operations worldwide.

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