We Stimulate Young People's Interest in Technology

Capture technology interest

It is important to capture and encourage children’s and young people's interest in technology. We strive to adapt visits as well as school information to the pupils’ age and what they are studying.

We can help with knowledge and information material or if preferred we can also visit the local schools to inform about our business. Minimum age for visiting pupils is 12. Please feel free to contact us with questions and specific wishes.

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The local technical school KomTek is a meeting place for future engineers, chemists, innovators and entrepreneurs. KomTek builds its teaching on the joy found in creating with the help of technology.

Children’s interest in engineering, chemistry, physics and biology will grow at KomTek (www.komtek.se). They offer popular evening classes for children and youths in various ages, but they also receive visitors at daytime. KomTek is also a resource for teachers in the fields of technique, natural science and mathematics. KomTek is available at elected locations in Sweden. For Domsjö Fabriker, it is an obvious choice to support KomTek in Örnsköldsvik.

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Skogen i Skolan

The collaboration program Skogen i Skolan (Forest in School) is located all around the country and has worked for an active cooperation between forest management and schools since the 1970s. Domsjö Fabriker is an active participant in the group of Västernorrland as well as in the local group of Örnsköldsvik. The local focus lies with the Forest Days for all the sixth graders in the municipality, the competition the Forest Masters, meant for seventh graders, and also forest camp for middle school girls. They are also focusing on giving education to teachers and future teachers




We are pleased to show our biorefinery and welcome visits whenever possible.

Summer jobs

During the summer we offer summer jobs. Some replace employees during their vacation, which means that adequate training and background is required. Other summer jobs are additional resources. We welcome applicants with a minimum age of 17 this year. Application deadline is February 15. Apply by using the link below:

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