Sustainability Makes a Difference

We bring the development further

We have a responsibility for the planet's resources and how they are used. As an important member of society we want to contribute not only with our sustainable products, but also with a safe and secure workplace. Our sustainability work is a natural part of our business and a significant competitive advantage.

Based on sustainable and traceable forestry, our products have all the qualifications to be a factor in the transition into a sustainable, bio based society in which fossil raw materials and energy sources are replaced by sustainable alternatives.

Together with our stakeholders, we want to make a difference. We want to improve existing operations and create new application fields for the growing forest, thus contributing to reduced environmental impact, increased growth and more job opportunities. The products we produce replaces all products that would otherwise be produced by fossil oil. We can refine the renewable forest raw materials into valuable products while also reducing the negative impact that fossil oil has on the environment and climate.

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Energy improvements

Domsjö Fabriker has been very successful in implementing energy improvements in the mill, which has attracted external attention as well as intergroup recognition by our owners Aditya Birla.

Today, there are continuous efforts to identify and implement energy saving measures. It can be anything from new light fixtures to larger projects such as the redevelopment of the wood yard where energy performance was significantly improved. The production of cellulose today takes place without fossil fuels. 99 percent of Domsjö Fabriker’s heat consumption is produced from forest biomass. Fossil oil is only used for starting and stopping of the boilers.

In the industrial area there is a well-developed infrastructure. In energy issues Domsjö Fabriker collaborates with other companies and electricity, fuel, steam and condensate is traded among the companies.

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External environment

The environmental work has been in focus for many years. Environmental measures in both processes and treatment plants have gradually decreased our environmental impact. We were the first in the world to bleach to the highest brightness without chlorine. Today, we are alone in the world to have a closed-loop bleach plant without any emissions.

In our biological sewage treatment plant, bacteria break down organic materials into e.g. biogas. Our facility is one of the largest producers of biogas in Sweden. The biogas is recovered and used as energy source for drying of lignin and generation of electricity and steam.

Sea trout that once again swim by our biorefinery up the Mo river to spawn are living proof of the results of our environmental efforts.

Since many years we have flue gas cleaning equipment and electric filters which purify flue gas from sulphur dioxide and dust in order to reduce emissions to the air. While flue gases are cleansed we recycle the heat from the flue gases back into the process.

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Commitment to society

For us, local involvement is very important. We support children and young people in primary school and upper secondary school, for example by offering work experience programs and internships. We are also engaged in the municipal engineering school KomTek and the nationwide organization Skogen i Skolan.

When it comes to industrial life, we are an active member in Örnsköldsvik’s Industry Group and Mid Sweden Chamber of Commerce. Domsjö Fabriker is also an affiliated company in the biorefinery cluster Processum, which coordinates companies, universities and social functions. Domsjö Fabriker sponsors MoDo Hockey, Örnsköldsvik Gymnastics Club and a number of smaller sports clubs in the district as well as cultural and humanitarian charities and the Swedish Cancer Fund.

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It is important for us to ensure that our workplace is safe and secure, from physical, psychological and social points of view. We systematically develop our working environment with the aid of the three pillars event reporting, work environment inspections and risk analysis.

We encourage our employees as well as entrepreneurs to actively report accidents and incidents regarding work environment, safety processes and also external environment. Since the introduction of digital reporting the procedure has been simplified and at the same time follow-up has improved. The result increased reporting is of great help in our efforts towards a safer workplace.

“Säkert Domsjö” has been instigated in order to further emphasize the importance of safety. Several projects have been implemented, resulting in significant improvements, including those of of many procedures and instructions. Work environment actions and ongoing activities within Säkert Domsjö are continuously pursued at management level.

To follow up on psychosocial work environment a survey among the employees is done annually, and its results are reflected in the annual action plans.

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Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an approach with a comprehensive view in three steps. The first step is responsible actions comprising work in a safe, healthy and including work environment, resource optimization, pollution control and a well-functioning waste management. The second step involves the understanding of our stakeholders' requirements and expectations. In the third step, we meet and surpass these expectations.

Domsjö Fabriker’s first sustainability report was published in 2010 and since then both sustainable actions and the report have improved. From 2016 Domsjö Fabriker reports according to GRI G4.

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Domsjö Fabriker is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001 and the environmental management system ISO 14001. Our laboratory is certified according to ISO 17025.

Domsjö Fabriker and our associated company Domsjö Fiber also hold the traceability certification Chain of Custody according to the two standards FSC® (FSC-C124657) and PEFC. All certified systems are regularly checked by certified external auditors.

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Sustainable products

Domsjö Fabriker is a biorefinery with a wide range of products, all based on renewable and traceable raw materials. Our products can replace those fossil-derived in the textile and chemical industries and thereby contribute to strengthening the bio-economy. Through its properties lignin may reduce carbon emissions when used in concrete additives.

Domsjö Fabriker also produces other products that replace fossil-derived products. Bioresin can replace fuel oil, other examples are carbon dioxide (carbonic acid) as well as biogas produced in the biological sewage treatment plant.

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