Biorefinery products

At Domsjö Fabriker we make more from the tree. In addition to our main products we also manufacture other exciting biorefinery products.

Carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide produced at Domsjö Fabriker is delivered to AGA where it is furthered refined into carbonic acid, primarily for industrial usage.


Domsjö Fabriker’s biological treatment plant is aerobic and produces around 13 million standard cubic meters of biogas annually, which corresponds to 90 GWh or 9 million gallons of diesel fuel. The gas is used to dry the lignin in Domsjö Fabriker’s lignin plant and also for production of electricity and district heating by the energy company in the municipality.


Bioresin originates from resin and oils from the tree. The bioresin is separated and sold as fuel. The calorific power in bioresin is comparable to heating oil.

Soil conditioner improvement

Some of the organic material that is separated in Domsjö Fabriker’s process contains many nutrients. By mixing it with soil and sand a soil conditioner is created which in turn can be used as fertilizer. The golf course Veckefjärden, just outside Örnsköldsvik, is an example where lawns are treated with soil improvers from Domsjö Fabriker.

Other products

Green liquor is used as cleansing chemical. Knot residue, bark and sawdust is used as biofuel.