Domsjö Fabriker

We make more from the tree

The biorefinery Domsjö Fabriker is located close to the High Coast world heritage. Customer support, quality and sustainability are very important for us. Our development is based on the world’s increasing demand for sustainable products. Domsjö Fabriker’s main products are cellulose, lignin and bioethanol, all with an origin in sustainable Swedish forestry.

The revenue is ca. 2.3 billion SEK and the company employs around 350 people at the production unit in Domsjö and 14 at the subsidiary company Domse Latvija in Latvia. Domsjö Fabriker is part of the Indian Aditya Birla Group.

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Board of Directors

Kumar Jain Shailendra


HK Agarwal

Business Director Pulp and Fiber, Aditya Birla Group

Kalyan Ram Madabhushi

COO Pulp operations, Aditya Birla Group

John Davidsson

President Europe, Middle East & Africa, Aditya Birla Group

Björn Vedin

CEO Domsjö Fabriker

Maria Wallenius

Employee Representative

Mikael Lundgren

Employee Representative

Senior Positions

Björn Vedin


Jeanette Börjesson

Manager HR

Magnus Edblad

Manager Technology

Carola Hägglund


Magnus Lundmark

Business Director Cellulose

Peter Nilsson

Business Director Lignin & BioEthanol

Mathias Dahlbäck

Manager HSEQ

Monika Westerlund

Manager Production

Magnus Edmark

Manager Maintenance


Manager Logistics

From log to bale

Follow our process from sustainable forest to product. The film is produced by Lake Mt. Film.

Unique process

Our process gives us the unique opportunity to produce high quality products adapted to our customers' high demands. The production is done with great environmental concern in the world's one and only closed-loop and chlorine-free bleach plant.

The raw material, softwood, is procured mainly from Swedish sustainable forestry. Annually we consume ca. 1.4 million cubic meters.

The wood is debarked and chipped and then fed together with cooking chemicals into the digesters. The bark is burned and provides energy in the form of steam. After cooking the cellulose is washed. Subsequently, it is bleached with hydrogen peroxide in the closed-loop bleach plant. The bleached cellulose is dried, sheeted and packed in bales. The whole process from log to finished bale takes about 40 hours.

During the cooking process hemicellulose and lignin is dissolved. The hemicellulose is then fermented and distilled into bioethanol. The lignin is processed in the cooking process into lignin before being dried.

In the power plant we recycle cooking chemicals and get energy in the form of steam which is used in our processes.

Our main products are cellulose, bioethanol and lignin but the biorefinery also produces more and more complementary products, such as carbon dioxide, biogas, bioresin and soil improvers.

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The biorefinery in Domsjö started as a sulphite mill in 1903 owned by the company Mo och Domsjö AB (MoDo). Initially pulp was produced but already 1930 production of cellulose for manufacturing viscose began.

A chemical industry was developed at the site during the 1940s, the embryo of the centre for "green manufacturing" as the area is today. MoDo's sale of Domsjö Fabriker in 1999 turned into a rebirth. Innovative new owners invested in the mill and the transition to a biorefinery began. In spring 2011, Domsjö Fabriker AB was sold to the Aditya Birla Group.

Many important development steps have been taken over the years and more will come in the future. In order to develop further we also have the support of companies in our vicinity. SP Processum is situated at the industrial bringing together businesses, community features and universities in the region. Together we develop new products and energy solutions from wood as raw material . Our cooperation makes us stronger.

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Domse Latvija is Domsjö Fabriker’s subsidiary in Latvia with 14 employees. Domse Latvija procures wood, primarily from the Latvian market but also from Estonia and Lithuania. Domsjö Fabriker is the company’s main customer, receiving approximately half of the provided volume, but the company also has many other customers in Sweden and Finland. Its headquarter is in Riga and the wood terminals are located in Riga, Mersrags and Salacgriva.

Affiliated companies

Domsjö Fabriker has two affiliated companies; Domsjö Fiber working with raw material procurement and the research company MoRe Research.

Domsjö Fiber is mutually owned by Domsjö Fabriker and the municipal energy company Övik Energi AB. It is a unique collaboration solution which means that Domsjö Fiber buys raw materials for our biorefinery as well as Övik Energi’s power plant, thus enabling rational handling and optimization of resources.
For more information please contact Lars Samuelsson, CEO, +46 (0)660-752 14.

For many years Domsjö Fabriker has worked closely with MoRe Research in Örnsköldsvik AB, in which we are part-owner. The research company is an important resource in the mill’s continuous development.
MoRe Research works with applied research and development in close cooperation with different production units in the pulp and paper industry. The company is independent of the market.
For more information please contact Stefan Svensson, CEO, +46 (0)660-750 35.

Säkert Domsjö

The initiative Säkert Domsjö (A Safe Domsjö) is based on the ambition to create a safe workplace for our employees as well as for our entrepreneurs. A number of improvements have been implemented, including rewriting procedures and instructions. The rules for entry have also been tightened.

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At Domsjö Fabriker we work according to our business policy. Our goal is to always meet customer expectations while ensuring that operations are conducted without harming people and the environment.