Winner of the Industry’s Gender Equality Award

The industry’s gender equality award is given to a company which has implemented significant measures to further gender equality. The award 2018 is given to Domsjö Fabriker, which through longstanding and integrated work with gender equality in a traditionally male environment has positioned itself as a pioneer. This prize is awarded by Industrirådet, a cooperation between Swedish industry labour unions and business federations. The motivation of the jury;

”Domsjö Fabriker is awarded The industry’s equality award 2018 for its longstanding and methodical work with gender equality. The company’s approach is to put the individual at the centre with a will to attract the best competence, to make use of and augment each employee’s competence as well as the conviction that gender equality contributes to increased efficiency, more creativity and a stimulating and fostering working environment. By working closely with the education system all the way from elementary school to university and thereby future employees, the company aims to increase gender equality even more in the future.”

The award was given away by Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Regnér during Industridagen in Linköping.

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Domsjö Fabriker as employer

Domsjö Fabriker has gone through a mighty change. The traditional pulp mill has evolved into a world class biorefinery. This development has resulted in more complex processes and equipment, leading to exciting and demanding challenges for the employees. With the aid of loyal, competent and committed employees, we develop the biorefinery further.

But there has to be more of us. We are in the middle of a generation change, preserving and transferring expertise and solid experience of many years to our younger employees. It is important for us that our new employees get a good start, and we attempt to lay the foundation for this in the recruitment process. We have an established way of working with introduction programs and also continuously provide internal induction tutoring. That gives a better understanding of the company and is also a great opportunity to get to know colleagues across departmental boundaries.

Aditya Birla’s employee survey Vibes is performed annually in order to obtain knowledge of the employees' working situation. The result of the survey is turned into an action plan to ensure development.

Domsjö Fabriker is located just outside Örnsköldsvik, not far from one of Sweden’s most popular points of interest, the High Coast World Heritage. The High Coast offers a great deal of exciting outdoor adventures and during the last couple of years the area has become somewhat of a meeting spot for Swedish outdoor life.

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Growth potential

Our dynamic environment provides our employees with a lot of growth potential. We consistently work with skills development as well as internal flexibility with special focus on developing leadership at all levels. Our pending generation change brings great opportunities for internal career paths.

To be able to gather our employees’ thoughts about their work situation, we carry out performance reviews annually. This is a dialogue that is important for employee, manager as well as company, where a review of the past year, goals and personal development are discussed.

We are well known for our good working environment and the ”Domsjö spirit” is a reality that makes new employees feel welcome and quickly make them feel part of the community. Working at Domsjö Fabriker can and shall be desirable so we strive for increased diversity in order to capture the qualities that a good gender balance as well as ethnic and cultural diversity brings.

We believe that a life in balance for our employees for them to be dedicated and enjoy their work. It is a given for us to do what we can to facilitate combining work and parenthood. We also support wellness and social activities in many different ways.

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Process Operator program

Process operators are important for us. That is why we support the education run by Umeå University. Are you interested in technique, chemistry and problem-solving? Then this programme might be your path to a job with possibilities for personal growth. We offer internship, degree projects and good chances for summer jobs during your education. We also provide the opportunity to get a paid trainee job after you have completed your programme.


Are you interested in writing your examination paper here at Domsjö Fabriker? Contact us – we have many suggestions regarding interesting topics. Many educations have periods of internship. We accept interns in several areas of education, as far as time and resources allow us. If you are interested we would like you to describe the intended subject area as well as your expectations of your internship. We strive to provide trained and dedicated mentors.


We are pleased to show our biorefinery and welcome visits whenever possible.

Summer jobs

During the summer we offer summer jobs. Some replace employees during their vacation, which means that adequate training and background is required. Other summer jobs are additional resources. We welcome applicants with a minimum age of 17 this year. Application deadline is February 15. Apply by using the link below:

Apply for summer jobs