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Aditya Birla is an expansive Indian business sphere with roots in the Indian textile industry. The business includes production of viscose fibre, but also aluminium, copper, cement, chemicals, insulators, retail trade etc. The revenue exceeds 40 billion US dollars. Aditya Birla’s well over 120 000 employees are located all over the world and represent more than 40 nationalities.

World’s No. 1 producer of Viscose Fibre

Aditya Birla is the world's largest producer of viscose fibre with extensive expertise in the entire textile value chain, from the making of viscose to finished fabric. Domsjö Fabriker is one of five cellulose mills in the business area Pulp and Fibre with the others located in Canada and India. The company also has development laboratories as well as pilot equipment which makes it possible to emulate all industrial processes from tree to thread.


The trademarks Birla Viscose, Birla Purocel, Birla Modal, Birla Excel and Liva are found not only in clothing but also in textiles and non-woven applications for personal hygiene and medical purposes.

Social commitment

Aditya Birla has a strong belief in corporate social responsibility and with the aim of lifting people out of poverty it is involved in e.g. management of hospitals and schools in Asia.