World leading Producer


Domsjö is the world’s 2nd largest producer of Lignin powder. We are known to be a reliable manufacturer and supplier and our lignin is delivered to approximately sixty destinations, all around the world. Domsjö Fabriker’s product is known for its high and consistent quality, with its origin from sustainable Swedish forestry.

We hold sufficient back up stock in our warehouses, so that with short notice, we can meet customer’s needs. Our container freight warehouse is located in Lübeck, Germany, very close to Hamburg – one of Europe’s largest container harbours. This allows us to reach our customers world-wide economically and efficiently.

Domsjö offers high quality personal service. Sales are finalized by our Sales team in Domsjö Sweden. Depending on the final destination location, Domsjo has assistance from our International Service Partners. In markets such as Oceania, Asia and Middle East our business partner Bisley & Co. ( is available for customer inquiries and support.

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Ultramodern facility

Domsjö’s lignin is produced in an ultra-modern and environmentally adapted facility. We re-use Biogas from own biological treatment plant in the drying process. The Lignin packaging supplied is made with a modern, fully automated technology developed to fit our customers' high expectations. The bag has a modern design to facilitate effective logistics management.

The products path to our customers

With quality throughout the entire logistic chain our products are sold worldwide. Please watch the clip below to see how it works. The film is produced by Lake Mt. Film.

Marcus Hägglund

Manager Logistics
telephone: +46 (0)660-27 57 80


Lignin as an additive in concrete

The main field of Lignin application is as an additive in concrete. Domsjö’s lignin is characterized by stable and consistent quality, which facilitates the customer's production process. As an additive in concrete, Lignin has two functions. One works as a dispersing agent, improving viscosity and workability, and another, acting as a water reducing agent, increasing concrete strengths, and therefore allows less use of cement.

Lignin for feed industry

Domsjö’s Lignin has excellent properties as a binder which is often used in pelletizing of different materials, such as animal feed. Our manufacturing plant and product qualifies for the European standard HACCP, which is required by the feed industry.

Other fields of application

Lignin is used as a dispersant and complexing agent in a variety of industries such as carbon black, ceramic and in chemicals for agriculture and tannery. The properties of the lignin are also utilized in dust binding and stabilization of unpaved roads.

New Packaging Line

The investment in a new packaging line for lignin has made it possible to deliver the lignin in bags of 25 kilograms. Please watch the clip to see how it is done. The film is produced by Lake Mt. Film.

Our history

Domsjö’s Lignin was traditionally used as biofuel for our own facilities’ production of steam and electricity. A change of ownership at the turn of the millennium raised the concept that the lignin should be sold on the international market and therefore create an entirely new business.

A new business around Lignin Sales was built, where first lignin sales were as a liquid product. In 2009, we invested in our first lignin dryer, which opened opportunities to reach additional markets. Because of increased volume demand, we were able to invest in our second lignin dryer in 2012 and today’s Lignin powder production capacity is 120, 000 ton per annum.

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Contributes to a better environment

Lignin is a natural component of the tree. It is extracted using a unique chlorine-free and closed bleaching process in Domsjö’s environmentally friendly facility. The lignin is dried in the most sophisticated spray drier unit, completely driven by biogas from our own biological treatment plant. By replacing oil-based products, Domsjö’s lignin contributes to a better environment.

Our market team, Lignin:

Peter Nilsson
Business Director
tel: +46 (0)660-27 56 64


Camilla Nyberg
Sales Manager
tel: +46 (0)660-27 55 82


Terese Westin
Sales Coordinator
tel: +46 (0)660-27 55 34


Natalie Österlund
Market Assistant
tel: +46 (0)660-27 57 50


 Maria Grafström
Market Assistant
tel: +46 (0)660-27 56 13