We Want to Make More

Cellulose fiber provides us with unique opportunities.

Development and Innovation

Development and innovation play a key role in Domsjö Fabriker’s activities. We capture and process ideas from our own organization as well as customers and national and international research collaborations. Thanks to a flexible and dedicated organization, we are able to take care of development, innovation and to some extent research at or in the vicinity of our own premises.

Domsjö Fabriker has a wide external network with companies, universities and collaboration partners which provide access to advanced laboratories, pilot equipment, analytical instruments etc. We also cooperates with other research teams within the Aditya Birla Group. Being a part of the world's largest fibre producer means that we can also benefit from knowledge and experience within the group, and foremost in the Pulp and Fibre Innovation Center.

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Customer focus

Domsjö Fabriker offers our clients advanced technical customer support. To get the maximum value out of the product, we gladly help with knowledge and experience in order to optimize product usage based on the customer's specific process conditions and needs.

Development project

Many of our employees are involved in our development projects. The work is carried out cross-functionally across our departmental boundaries and often together with external partners. The projects are usually done in close collaboration with the customer.

Important partners

We have a long-term and close collaboration with our key partners MoRe Research, Processum and and also other parts of RISE. They all possess substantial knowledge and experience in many research fields, such as development of cellulose and other biorefinery products. Our geographic proximity and partly common history makes our cooperation particularly significant.

External research

Research projects together with the academy are an important part of the development of our business. Domsjö Fabriker currently participates in doctoral projects and a postdoc-projects. One current on-going doctoral project is about improved wood impregnation and is done in collaboration with Mid Sweden University. Together with, among others, Linköping University, Domsjö is involved in a postdoc project for development of a lignin application.

Domsjö Fabriker also supports the initiative BioInnovation (www.bioinnovation.se) and its vision that Sweden has switched over to bio-economy by 2050. Initially, the initiative is funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas as well as stakeholders from industry, academia, institutions and the public sector.

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We want to make more

At Domsjö Fabriker we make more from the tree, but want to make even more. An important task is to continually work with development of both existing and new products. Wood raw material provides wonderful opportunities and with our flexible organization we are able to always reach new development goals.