Sustainability from forest to fashion

We offer individual customer service and quality throughout the entire business. Our customer adapted products match highly set demands on product quality as well as secure deliveries and sustainability.

Our main product

Cellulose is Domsjö Fabriker’s main product. It is made out of softwood, primarily from the northern parts of Sweden but also from Latvia. Domsjö Fabriker is certified according to FSC Chain of Custody (traceability certification) which means that all wood used in the process can be traced to its origin in sustainably managed forests.

The main field of application is viscose for fashion and textiles. But cellulose can also be found in many other products, such as medical tablets, food, sausage casing, tires and paint. What these have in common are high standards regarding cleanliness and functionality.

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The world is the market

Domsjö Fabriker offers high quality personal service in sales as well as regarding technique and logistics.

All sales takes place in collaboration with Ekman Group (, Domsjö Fabriker’s representative in markets worldwide. Our warehouse in Lübeck is situated close to Hamburg with one of the largest container harbours in northern Europe. This also means that we are close to our customers. It is important for us that our customers have the greatest possible value from the cellulose. Technical support is therefore an essential part of our offer. Together with our customers we are able to develop our products further. Domsjö Fabriker’s production capacity is
230 000 tonnes of cellulose per year.

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The products path to our customers

With quality throughout the entire logistic chain our products are sold worldwide. Please watch the clip below to see how it works. The film is produced by Lake Mt. Film.

Marcus Hägglund
Manager Logistics
telephone: +46 (0)660-27 57 80


Cellulose for viscose staple fibre

Cellulose for viscose staple fibre is the foundation of our sales, a quality with solid and reliable characteristics. The coniferous trees’ long fibres give the product its special properties that fit very well in the manufacture of viscose staple fibre, a natural material with nice comfort features. Cellulose is also used in cellophane, sponges and as an important component in paint. The cellulose’s consistent quality contributes to an efficient production at our customers, irrespective of the process used for further refining.

Cellulose for viscose filament

Sometimes extra ordinary cellulose is needed. Domsjö Fabriker offers a highly refined cellulose with a very high and consistent quality. It is designed for applications that require exceptionally pure cellulose, commonly in viscose. As a customer, you can find it in beautiful, silk-like fashion garments. Other fields of application are technical cord and acetate. The cellulose is customized to satisfy all our customers’ requirements. The unique properties, combined with great technical expertise and highly developed customer collaboration, makes it the obvious choice for customers who want the best.

Cellulose for casings

The latest addition to the cellulose product family is the newly developed Domsjö Cellulose Ultra. It has been developed in Domsjö through genuine laboratory and factory trials. Ultra is suitable for use in the manufacture of casings (including sausage skin) where the purity requirements are very high. This high-quality product is expected to reach more use in the future.

More applications

Some application sectors have exceptionally high requirements on cleanliness, e.g. medicine, food and hygiene. Domsjö Fabriker’s cellulose is a self-evident choice here as well. It meets the FDA requirements and in order to provide customer security, we gladly show our process with chlorine free and closed-loop bleaching, as well as our high-quality supply chain.

When the cellulose leaves the production line it is safe to consume. It is used for production of microcrystalline cellulose, an extremely pure cellulose powder contained in medicine tablets and in food. Another important field of application is sausage casing production, where high requirements on cleanliness also are essential. Since cellulose is good for digestion it is often used as moisture and texture agent in diet drinks and juices.

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Our marketing team, Cellulose:

Sara Viberg
Product Coordinator
telephone: +46 (0)660-27 55 25 


Ingrid Öhman
Sales Coordinator Manager
telephone: +46 (0)660-27 53 81


Marianne Walfridsson
Assistant Market Support
telephone: +46 (0)660-27 55 91