Green Chemicals

Renewable alternative

Ethanol is the most common renewable alternative to fossil automotive fuel, but it also has other fields of application where it can replace oil and natural gas as raw material source.

Ethanol with its origin in the forest plays an important role in the chemical industry’s shift towards more renewable raw materials. It can replace oil as raw material in both plastic and chemicals. Ethanol’s characteristics are also used in dissolving agents and can therefore be found in water-based paint, medicine, perfumes, domestic detergents, varnish and ink.

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Fields of application

Domsjö Fabriker’s bioethanol is sold to SEKAB for further refining or resale. It can be found e.g. as heat transfer media, in screen washer fluids or as paint additive.

The chemical industry’s cradle

Bioethanol from Domsjö Fabriker is extracted from the unique cooking process where the sugar from the wood is gathered and fermented in the ethanol factory. Large amounts of carbon dioxide are released when ethanol is fermented. The carbon dioxide is taken care of by AGA and subsequently refined into carbonic acid. The ethanol production in Domsjö has a long history.

It began in 1940 when ethanol was used to manufacture different kinds of chemicals. The ethanol-based chemical production at Domsjö was extensive and thus made Domsjö into what could be called the Swedish chemical industry’s cradle. Today, Domsjö Fabriker’s production capacity is 17 000 tonnes of bioethanol per year.

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