We Want to Make More

Cellulose fiber provides us with unique opportunities.

Development and Innovation

Development and innovation play a key role in Domsjö Fabriker’s activities. DomInnova serves as Domsjö Fabriker’s innovation engine with the task of encouraging, capturing and processing ideas from both national and international research organizations as well as ideas in the organization. Thanks to a flexible and dedicated organization, we are able to take care of development, innovation, and to some extent research at or in the vicinity of our own premises.

DomInnova also has a wide external network with companies, universities and collaboration partners which provide access to advanced laboratories, pilot equipment, analytical instruments etc. DomInnova also cooperates with other research teams within the Aditya Birla Group. Being a part of the world's largest fibre producer means that we can also benefit from knowledge and experience within the group, and foremost in the Pulp and Fibre Innovation Center.

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Customer focus

DomInnova offers our clients advanced technical customer support. To get the maximum value out of the product, we gladly help with knowledge and experience in order to optimize product usage based on the customer's specific process conditions and needs. DomInnova also has extensive knowledge of how different cellulose qualities can best be mixed.

Development project

One important task for DomInnova is internal development projects. This is done through close cooperation between our production organization and the customers. Together we develop the product to give the customers the highest possible value.

Important partners

We have a long-term and close collaboration with our key partners MoRe Research, Processum and RISE. They all possess substantial knowledge and experience in many research fields, such as development of cellulose and other biorefinery products. Our geographic proximity and partly common history makes our cooperation with MoRe Research and SP Processum particularly significant.

External research

Doctoral projects are an important part of the development of our business. Domsjö Fabriker currently participates in an exciting doctoral project and a postdoc-project. The doctoral project is done in collaboration with Akzo Nobel at Umeå University and involves the formation of alkali cellulose. The postdoc-project is done in cooperation with KTH and MoRe Research and deals with development of the sulfite cooking process.

Domsjö Fabriker also supports the initiative BioInnovation (www.bioinnovation.se) and its vision that Sweden has switched over to bio-economy by 2050. Initially, the initiative is funded by VINNOVA, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas as well as stakeholders from industry, academia, institutions and the public sector. Domsjö Fabriker is active in BioInnovation’s project "Establishing locally produced textiles in Sweden".

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We want to make more

At Domsjö Fabriker we make more from the tree, but want to make even more. An important task for DomInnova is to continually work with development of both existing and new products. Wood raw material provides wonderful opportunities and with our flexible production organization we are able to always reach new development goals.

For more information please contact:

Kristina Elg Christoffersson
Manager Research and Development
telephone: +46 (0)660-756 78
Sara Hellström
Development Engineer
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Magnus Hörnsten
Development Engineer
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Ole Norberg
Development Engineer
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Development Engineer
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Development Engineer
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